Holiday let mortgages.

What you need to know

For clients purchasing or remortgaging a holiday let property.

We’re here to help with your holiday let cases, including for expat clients too.

  1. We offer up to 60 days of personal use.
  2. Will consider first time landlords (must be owner occupiers if domiciled in the UK; if an expat we will consider first timer buyer, first time landlords).
  3. Loans available up to 80% LTV, with 50% overpayments in the product term.
  4. We assess the loan amount using the average weekly rental from high, mid and low seasons.
  5. First time rental properties considered (no requirement to be currently let out).
  6. No maximum age.

We only lend to personal applicants, not those using a SPV or limited company, who will have a maximum of 3 buy to let and / or holiday let properties at completion of the mortgage (we do not permit portfolio landlords).

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Your questions answered.

Yes, we allow 60 days for personal use.

If your client is an existing landlord we will lend from age 21, or for first time landlords we have a minimum requirement of age 30.

Minimum income is £25,000 per annum for UK based applicants, from at least one applicant. Applicants who are an expat must be employed or in receipt of retirement income, with at least one applicant receiving a minimum of £40,000 or equivalent.

When assessing affordability we can consider employment, pension and investment income, plus income from any other UK property (i.e not the property being mortgaged).

Affordability is based on an average of the weekly rental for low, mid and high season, which we typically x by 30 weeks (up to 35 weeks if the property has been let for 2 years by the applicants). Once you have this total figure, you will need to divide this by 12 to provide you with the average monthly expectation. We then apply our standard assessment which is 145% at either the pay rate + 2% (minimum 5.5%) or the 5-year rate, if applicable.

Expat applicants who are first time buyers and first time landlords can be considered. For UK based applicants they must be an owner occupier, for first time landlords we have a minimum age of 30.

Yes, they can use Airbnb or similar portals, an ARLA registered letting agent, or a combination of the two. Please note that all properties will be subject to our existing rental coverage assessment, requiring a lettings agent (not Airbnb) to provide the known or anticipated letting value.

Yes! We can consider joint applications which include a non-UK national, as long as one applicant holds a full British Passport. The British national will need to meet our criteria entirely themselves. For more information about expat lending view our expat page.

Generally, yes. Deposits built up in the applicant’s country of residence or the UK are accepted, as are most currencies.

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