Changes to our fixed rates

Written by Suffolk Building Society

28 Apr 2022


Product Changes

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We’re making changes to our fixed rate products, which includes increased rates and a withdrawal.

We know this isn’t the news you want to hear, but we want to help make this easier where we can. That’s why we’re offering a set period of time to submit DIPs and FMAs, after the products have been withdrawn.

DIPs can be submitted on old rates up to 5pm on Wednesday 4 May.

Mortgage applications from these previously submitted DIPs can be submitted up to 5pm on Friday 13 May.

Rate increases.

95% resi fixed
• 2-yr increased by 0.16%, now 3.15%
• 3-yr increased by 0.12%, now 3.19%
• 5-yr increased by 0.14%, now 3.39%

95% shared ownership fixed
• 2-yr increased by 0.10%, now 3.55%

90% resi fixed
• 2-yr increased by 0.14%, now 2.79%
• 3-yr increased by 0.10%, now 2.85%
• 5-yr increased by 0.09%, now 2.99%

80% resi C&I fixed
• 2-yr increased by 0.10%, now 2.45%
• 3-yr increased by 0.04%, now 2.49%
• 5-yr increased by 0.10%, now 2.85%

80% holiday let fixed
• 2-yr increased by 0.10%, now 3.65%

Product withdrawal.
• 80% self build fixed

End date changes.
We’re extending the end dates on a number of our fixed rate products.
• April & May 2024 end dates moved to June 2024
• April & May 2025 end dates moved to June 2025

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