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About us.

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Suffolk Building Society.

Mortgage USPs

Our lending areas.

General lending.

  • Manual underwriting: option to gain pre-DIP agreement.
  • Income: multiple sources used for affordability, including pension, rental, investment. 5.5x income multiple when an applicant earns £100k+.
  • Overpayments: 50% ERC free on all products.
  • Property: we’ll consider residential annexes, flats above commercial, listed buildings and more.
  • We credit check, not credit score.

Older borrowers.

  • Available on our standard range of products, up to a 40-year term with no maximum age for repayment (capped at 95 at end of term for interest only).
  • Interest only: sale and downsize up to 50% LTV (min equity £150,000), sale of another property up to 70% LTV.
  • We’ll lend to 75% LTV for applicants borrowing into retirement, or 70% LTV if already in retirement (50% if there’s any interest only).
  • We utilise pension assets as income, even if not currently being drawn – will use 80% of pension pot and divide by mortgage term.

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Buy to let.

  • BTL accepted up to 80% LTV.
  • Top-slicing option available.
  • Can consider non-owner occupiers if they have previously held a mortgage.
  • We lend on regulated BTLs where family members are residing.
  • No maximum age.

Holiday let.

  • We offer up to 60 days of personal use.
  • Will consider first time landlords (must be owner occupiers).
  • Loans available up to 80% LTV.
  • We assess the loan amount using the average rental from high, mid and low season.
  • First time rental properties considered (no requirement to be currently let out).
  • No maximum age.

Self build & renovation.

  • For new projects, conversions, renovations and knock down & rebuilds. Includes properties where the build has started.
  • Max 80% LTV for both purchase and remortgage, plus we will lend against the land value.
  • Flexible stage releases.
  • Upon build completion your client can switch penalty free to a retention product.
  • Interest only available during the build.
  • Available directly to brokers – call us to discuss your case.

More about self build >


  • For residential, buy to let and holiday let properties, with most countries of residence considered (except UN Sanctioned).
  • For joint applications we can consider when only one applicant holds a British Passport (subject to British national meeting affordability requirements).
  • Deposits built up in the country of residence accepted.
  • BTL – most currencies accepted.
  • Residential & regulated BTL– 11 currencies accepted.
  • Up to 80% LTV with fixed completion fees (subject to availability).

New build.

  • For new build houses we offer up to 90% LTV, for flats up to 75% LTV in selected areas.
  • We accept up to 5% builder’s incentive (minimum applicant contribution of 5%).
  • Mortgage offers valid up to 6 months, 3-month extension available.
  • Fees can be added at 90% LTV subject to affordability.

Shared ownership.

  • Loans up to 95% of the share
  • Max £500k for purchase and remortgage.
  • Also available on new build flats in blocks up to 10 storeys and can consider flats above good quality commercial.
  • No completion, application or valuation fees apply (subject to availability).

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