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Exciting Criteria Changes

Written by Wendy Quantrill

21 Feb 2024



4 min read

Criteria Enhancements – with immediate effect.

Great news. We’ve added five new foreign currencies including Saudi Riyal and Australian Dollar. Plus… flats up to seven storeys and the acceptance of non-court ordered maintenance.

Following feedback from you we’ve made several improvements to our criteria that we couldn’t wait to share.

What’s new in full?

New currencies

  • Saudi Riyal
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Danish Krone

We’re now accepting these for resi, expat resi, regulated BTL, and regulated expat BTL. These join 11 existing currencies, meaning we’ll now accept 16 currencies in these lending areas.

There are no currency restrictions for BTL or holiday let (standard and expat).

Non-court ordered maintenance

We’ll now accept this, with 12 months of evidence on bank statements.

Flats up to seven storeys

We’ll now lend up to seven storeys (was five). Up to 10 storeys considered for shared ownership.

We’re hitting the ground running in 2024.

We hope you like these previously announced improvements:

  • The return to 95% lending
  • 2-year discount with no ERC
  • BTL Light Refurb product
  • Residential large loan up to £2m
  • Expat residential large loan up to £2m

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