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Additional borrowing.

For existing borrowers

We’re here to help.

For clients who are existing borrowers and need to borrow additional funds you can deal directly with us.

We currently pay a set proc fee of £150 for additional borrowing over £25,000.

If your client is looking to port their existing mortgage (including a port & top up), or switch their current deal or complete a contract variation, head over to our other resources.

What’s available


How it works


  1. Download and complete the paper application form and email to [email protected]
  2. We will then issue you the ESIS for your client. Once you, and they, have checked and approved this please inform our team who will then proceed to DIP, or straight to full application, on your behalf.
  3. Due to the application being paper based, we will request all documents via email, which will include details on how to pay fees.
  4. The underwriter will update you directly. The offer document will be posted to your clients, solicitor and to you. (Please ensure the client signs their own version, not the solicitors or yours!)


Your questions answered.

Also known as a further advance, it is simply when your client needs extra funds, on top of the existing mortgage.

Additional borrowing is treated as a second mortgage account, with its own specific product, which runs alongside the clients main mortgage account.

We offer additional borrowing for standard residential, buy to let, holiday let and self build.

For residential clients we have a Green Further Advance product available for loans £5k – £40k, for purchases such as: solar panels, traditional insulation, air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, double/triple glazing, low energy lighting, boiler upgrades, wind turbines or electric car charging stations.

View our product finder and filter by applicant type to see all currently available deals.

Currently our additional borrowing applications are paper based. Due to the manual element these can take a couple of days longer than our usual SLA, so please do bear with us whilst we process the application.

Yes, we pay a set fee of £150 for additional borrowing over £25,000.

Additional borrowing funds can be used for home improvements, debt consolidation (residential only), gifted funds, to buy out an ex-partner and also for deposits for onward purchases. We do not accept any application where the funds will be used for tax bills, business purposes or for gambling/betting, for example.

We currently operate a paper based application process for additional borrowing.

We consider additional borrowing applications for existing borrowers . This will need to be done via a paper application (see our toolkit) and your client will need to select from our specialist additional borrowing products. View deals for existing borrowers by using the filtering option in our product finder.


A customer must have had their mortgage with us for 6 months before applying for additional borrowing.

6 months after completion for additional borrowing to be considered. For self-build applications however, we just require the property to be registered on the Land Registry.

Useful resources


Packaging requirements


Intermediary mortgage application


Intermediary mortgage application addendum – for more than 2 applicants



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