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Product changes: 22 July

Written by Suffolk Building Society

22 Jul 2022


Product Changes

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Today we’re making changes to our discount range, introducing new deals for 95%, 90% and 80% LTV tiers alongside repricing some existing 80% products (offering you extended DIP and FMA submission dates, of course).

Some of these new products feature reduced ERCs, offering your clients added flexibility.

Full details of these changes can be found below and we’re on hand to help, so give us a call on 0330 123 1073 (option 1) if you need to speak to us.

NEW up to 95% LTV residential, capital & interest:

• 2-year discount @ 2.65%, 2-year ERC
• 3-year discount @ 2.75%, 2-year ERC

NEW up to 90% LTV residential, capital & interest:

• 3-year discount @ 2.45%, 2-year ERC
(Existing 2-year product remains in range: 2-year discount @ 2.35%, 2-year ERC)

NEW up to 80% LTV residential, capital & interest:

• 3-year discount @ 2.09%, 2-year ERC

NEW up to 80% LTV residential, interest only:

• 3-year discount @ 2.25%, 2-year ERC

NEW up to 80% LTV buy to let:

• 2-year discount @ 2.75%, 1-year ERC  

80% LTV reprices residential:

• C&I 2-year discount was 1.90%, now 1.99%, 1-year ERC
• I/O 2-year discount was 2.10%, now 2.15%, 1-year ERC

For the repriced products we have implemented the following deadlines for submission of DIPs and FMAs, so you can still submit existing cases after the product withdrawals.

DIPs can be submitted on withdrawn products up to 5pm on Tuesday 26 July.

Mortgage applications from these previously submitted DIPs can be submitted up to 5pm on Friday 5 August.

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