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Product withdrawals: 17 June

Written by Suffolk Building Society

17 Jun 2022


Product Changes

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Today we’re withdrawing a number of our fixed rate products:

Residential: withdrawing all fixed rate products
Shared ownership: withdrawing all fixed rate products
Expat residential: withdrawing 5-year fixed
Expat buy to let: withdrawing 2-year fixed

We still have discount rate options available across all product ranges, with some fixed rates remaining. The maximum LTV on standard residential will be 90%.

Full details of these changes can be found below.

So you still have time to progress outstanding cases on the withdrawn products we’re pleased to confirm an extended, set period of time for DIP and FMA submissions:

• DIPs can be submitted on these withdrawn products up to 5pm on Tuesday 21 June.
• Mortgage applications from these previously submitted DIPs can be submitted up to 5pm on Thursday 30 June.

Product withdrawals.

Residential 80% LTV:
• 2-year fixed C&I @ 2.59%
• 3-year fixed C&I @ 2.65%
• 5-year fixed C&I @ 2.99%
• 2-year fixed IO @ 2.95%
• 5-year fixed IO @ 3.35%

Residential 90% LTV:
• 2-year fixed @ 2.79%
• 3-year fixed @ 2.85%
• 5-year fixed @ 3.19%

Residential 95% LTV:
• 3-year fixed @ 3.19%
• 5-year fixed @ 3.49%

Shared ownership 90% LTV:
• 5-year fixed @ 3.35%

Shared ownership 95% LTV:
• 2-year fixed @ 3.55%
• 5-year fixed @ 3.89%

Expat residential:
• 5-year fixed @ 3.35%

Expat buy to let:
• 2-year fixed @ 3.59%

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