Income 101: help for clients with complex or multiple income sources

Written by Jack Rayner

18 Jan 2022


Criteria update, Income

1 min read

You asked….we listened!

For self employed applicants (where applicable) we will now take either net profit after tax + salary, or salary + dividends, whichever is higher.

We will use the latest years figures* if the increase is less than 20% – if more we simply use an average of the last 2 years.

*If the ’21 tax return or accounts dated 30th Dec onwards are available.

New for income in 2022

  • We now take net profit after tax and salary for self-employed borrowers
  • Zero hour criteria now includes Bank nurses

More income top picks

  • Pension income at 100%
  • Rental income profit at 100%, investment income at 75%
  • Child benefit, maintenance payments and tax credits all at 100%

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